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What is PARK(ing) Day?
PARK(ing) Day is a worldwide event for artists, designers, and citizens to transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks. For more information, check out our About PARK(ing) Day or visit the global PARK(ing) Day website.

When is PARK(ing) Day?
In 2016, PARK(ing) Day is on Friday, September 16, from approximately 9:00am to 5:00pm (times may vary by spot - Parks can only be in the space when it is legal to park a vehicle there. If the space is subject to rush hour or valet restrictions then the park is subject to the same restrictions).

How many spots are there usually?

We usually have about 50+ spots in Philadelphia.

Where can I go to see parks?
Parks are located all around Philadelphia, but are often concentrated in Center City.  To prepare for your walking tour of PARK(ing) spots, review and print out the available PARK(ing) Day Map.

This is so neat!  How do I host a spot of my own?
Check out "For Participants" to the right, email the PARK(ing) Day Philadelphia Organizer, or sign-up online.

                                    Reserved Park(ing) Sign, 2009

For Participants

How do I sign up to host a spot for PARK(ing) Day?

You can sign-up online, click here. Or email with your name, your organization's name (if applicable), and your desired spot location by city block (i.e. 1500 Block of Chestnut Street, 100 Block of S. 13th Street, etc.). 

Who can host a PARK(ing) Day spot?
Anyone can host a spot for PARK(ing) Day, including activists, artists, architects, local businesses, and individual citizens. All event day participants are asked to sign a waiver and provide a Certificate of Insurance.

How much does it cost to host a spot?

Absolutely nothing!  Participants report spending everything from $0 to several hundred dollars on the materials for installations in their spots, with most on the lower end of the scale. The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) has also waived the need to pay for the parking spots during the day. We send a list of parks to the PPA in August, and they work with us to help make the day a success!

What type of spots have people done in the past?

See photos from past years at 2009 Photos & Media Coverage and 2010 Photos & Media Coverage. Find more inspiration on our Facebook Page and via #PARKingDayPHL.

Are there any rules about the design of the parks?
There are just a few rules:
  • There must be a barrier between your park and the vehicular travel lanes, and the barrier must be tall enough that a d river can see it ad know not to swerve into your park.
  • No commerce or overt advertising can occur in the park. It's okay to advocate for an issue, or to say "This park brought to you by XYZ Organization," but parks cannot look like trade show booths.
  • Park construction cannot encroach on vehicular travel lanes, at any height.
  • Stay away from corners.
  • Parks can only be in the space when it's legal to park a car there. If the space is subject to rush hour, loading zone, handicapped or valet restrictions, then the park is subject to the same restrictions.
  • Rule of thumb: if you can park a car in it, you can have a park in it.
  • Maintain one (1) park per block, check the constantly updated PARK(ing) Day Map for available locations.
  • Sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis. So pick your location today!
How can I ensure that my space is available on PARK(ing) Day?
We hand out "no parking" placards a few weeks before Park(ing) Day, and you can post these at your space ahead of time. If your space is on Chestnut or Walnut Streets, just be ready to go as soon as the rush hour restrictions end, and you should be fine. Also, it helps if you can be a bit flexible--if you post your space and someone disregards the placard, go to the next closest available space. The PPA is willing to cooperate with us but they don't have the resources to tow for Park(ing) Day.

Is there a deadline for selecting park locations?
We ask that you provide the following information by mid-August, to assist with coordinating with the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA). Send the following information to
  • Location of your park.
  • Meter number if space is metered (not applicable in Center City or anywhere with kiosks). Meter number is usually 7 digits.
  • Group organizing the park.
  • Contact information for team leader (email and cell phone number).
Or sign-up online, click here.